About 7 years ago my husband and I decided we wanted a different type of guard dog other than Chow Chows. Our research led us to Shar Peis and we started to investigate different breeders. We wanted a breeder who wanted to see the Shar Pei line succeed for the love of the breed and to produce healthy and happy Shar Pei dogs. Our research led us to Barb and she had a zoom call to show us the criteria of good Shar Pei breed trait. 6 1/2 years ago we picked an average size blue and white flower male puppy and continued to have zoom calls to watch our puppy grow. Our Shar Pei is a very pleasant dog and always watches over us to keep us safe. He enjoys being the center of attention and consistently provides love and warmth to our home. Then, 6 years ago we decided to find our male a playmate. This time we picked a mini dilute cream female. She is unique and likes to watch out the window and doesn’t prefer to be the center of attention, but rather prefers to observe. Next, 4 years ago our Chow Chow passed away and we decided to get another puppy from Barb. This time, we went with a large blue Russian line puppy. She is the most calm and laid back dog we have ever experienced. She prefers to be outside watching the wildlife guarding the property during the day.  Lastly, this week we picked up our fourth puppy, an average size Ukraine line white and lilac dilute flowered girl. Her personality is amazing. She is so happy to see us that she hops around like a rabbit. She enjoys constant attention and believes she is a lap dog. We look forward to watching her grow and more of her personality coming out. Today, we are happy to say that our family of four Shar Pei dogs are all healthy and doing well. We have talked to Barb many times over the last 7 years. She checks in on us to see how our family is doing. Likewise, we can contact her at any time if we have any questions or concerns and she always responds in a timely manner. Barb truly cares about keeping the Shar Pei breed alive to its original lineage. She also wants to have the healthiest dogs and does offer a 2-year health guarantee. We are truly blessed to have found Barb Dion and definitely recommend her and her puppies.

My experiences with Barbara Dion and her fabulous Shar-pei began in 2010. My first Pei was Pooh whose Dad was Snowman who also was Dad to Barbara’s beautiful HOPE. Then we had Levi, a handsome, blue male. Currently I have Pearl who is seven years old, healthy, and strong like her half-sister HOPE. In August a beautiful, white baby Pei girl arrived at my house. Her great-grandmother is HOPE! With all this lineage and connection to Barbara’s HOPE I was compelled to name my new baby Pei HOPE! 

Obviously I think Barbara Dion’s Beaux-Art Shar-Pei dogs are the best in the nation. They are healthy, smart, and I’ve been in love with each of mine to include my new HOPE already!  Barbara’s care for her pups and her reputation are impeccable, winning her national awards and recognitions, but more importantly SHE LOVES HER DOGS AND PUPS❤️🐾🐾‼️

Martha Breedlove
I purchased my baby boy Bruno from Barbara at Beaux-Art dog and my experience has been amazing. From video chats before he arrived and even today Barbara has been communicating with us and my boy is now 8 months old. If I ever have an issue with him I txt her and she responds very quickly and I love that! She is always here to answer questions for me! Bruno has been such a great member to our family and he is great with my other pei I have that is now 2 years old. They are truly best buds. Overall 1000% recommend Beaux-Art dog!
Jazmine Alvarado

Well where to begin, having had several Shar-Pei in the past I knew what I was looking for. We had recently lost our lab to cancer and our previous Shar-Pei had been gone for 7 years so I was game for another. After calling several breeders I found Barbara who is a true lover of the breed. She shared all her knowledge and experience with me which set me at ease. After scanning her website looking at her stock speaking with other breeders who know her I placed a deposit on her upcoming litters. Over the course of several weeks the puppies finally arrived we zoomed FaceTime talked about what exactly I wanted in a puppy and she helped me pick the perfect one. Barbara helped me set up transportation directly from her home to mine and on September 10th I finally got my girl in my lap. Olive is everything she said she would be and more. Working across state lines can be a risk but for the first time I can truly say I would do it all over again. I know this is lengthy but I feel like I can’t say enough about one of the best experiences I’ve had during a pandemic with a total stranger who made us feel like family. Forever grateful for my girl!

Debbie K.

I can’t thank Beaux-Art Shar Pei enough for these 3 amazing boys I’ve gotten over the years. Not only are they stunning but they also have amazing personalities. We draw a crowd no matter where we go. Everyone wants to pet them.  Barbara treats her dogs as family. She is also in the top 10 breeders.
Sherry Cook
Sherry Cook
South Carolina
Our experience with Beaux Art Shar Pei has been spectacular! Harley is the most amazing puppy we have ever had. What an amazing demeanor and spirit which is a true testament to Barbara’s breeding experience. We are already so blessed by our new family addition that we are getting a second Beaux Art Shar Pei! Barbara deserves her top 10 title as a breeder. Her dogs are the best of the breed. 
Wes & Cindy Arnold
Rock Hill, NC


We think of you all the time. You have given us the most precious thing. Our blue boy, St. John is a guy’s guy! His favorite things to do are work in the woods with his daddy, ride in Daddy’s jeep and go to Ace Hardware. Everywhere he goes, he draws a big crowd. Men, especially love him and they’re not embarrassed to OOO and AAHHH over him and ask, “Can I touch him? You got yourself a fine dog there!!! He is absolutely brilliant!! 

Jim was sleeping on the couch and St. John’s bed was across the room. Big bed! That little fella struggled and struggled to drag that bed over closer to the couch so he could sleep by his daddy. Now that is problem solving!!!!

We took him to meet Mr. Bob, the owner of the kennel we’ll use when we have to travel. Bob took care of Zsa Zsa for years. Bob said of St. John in disbelief, “You got THAT DOG in NORTH CAROLINA???”  The best dog breeder in the nation!!!!!   You have bred a prize!!!!  

Thank you for your meticulous breeding. He is fantastic!!! 

Cecille & John Welch

North Carolina 2022

We had looked around at different breeders online and we kept coming back to Beaux Arts Shar Peis. They had the best wrinkled faces and looked like the standard of perfection for the shar pei that we wanted to have. We were delighted she still had the one we wanted for sale! We brought home our boy Bishop, a perfect platinum pup with blue/green eyes. Barbara Dion at Beaux Arts Shar Pei is not only highly knowledgeable about the breed, but she went out of her way to assist us prior to pickup with video chats to talk about the puppy and to see him grow until we could pick him up. Barb also helped us with cleaning support when we did arrive and the pup had a crate accident while we were talking. She gave us his favorite puppy toy and reading materials on the breed to help us on our journey which has been a fantastic resource for our path ahead as future breeders. She is a very kind woman and very generous too. Barbara is fantastic to work with and made the process so easy! Our puppy came with all the AKC paperwork needed and shortly after getting him, he was taken to the vet for his second shots and certified as a very healthy pup! His eyes were great, he was gaining weight perfectly and he is overall a healthy boy. We love him and we can not recommend Barbara and her Beaux Arts Pei’s enough! We get compliments on how beautiful he is everywhere we go which is a true testament to her decades of experience breeding Shar Peis!
The Rezzelles
Check out Beaux-Art Chinese SHAR PEI she’s in NC I’ve got my puppy from her. She’s the best around! You will see she’s top 10 breeder along with loving and doing this for over 35 years!I I got mine from her and I couldn’t be happier she’s amazing!
My experience with Beaux-Art Chinese SHAR PEI was completely the best from the beginning to the end. I even speak to Barbara regularly to this day a whole year later. She has so much passion for the breed. When I have any questions she is always there to answer them for me. When I was looking for a puppy I called her and she gave me the full run down on the breed along with answering my questions and making me feel very comfortable. She video chatted with me showing me the puppies several times and gave me full updates & new photos weekly until I picked up my  puppy. I truly recommend the Beaux-Art Family the dogs are beautiful and healthy. I had my baby girl a year this month on October 16th. She the best little girl ever! She is a mini dark lilac and has the most amazing personality! Thank you Barbara  for this smart, amazing sweet Princess!





 My fiancé and I are in love with our Beau-Art shar pei, Dawson. I grew up with shar peis and wanted another one for years. Knowing the importance of a good breeder, I researched many. When I came across Barbara, I knew she was the one! We first spoke in January, but unfortunately all of her current puppies were already spoken for. Knowing we did not want a puppy from anyone else, we waited patiently until April for Dawson’s litter. Barbara was great throughout the entire process. She updated frequently with pictures and allowed us to visit when Dawson was three weeks old. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. We couldn’t wait to bring her home!
        Today, at 15 weeks old she’s healthy, smart, lovable, and VERY outgoing! She loves all people and plays well with other dogs. She gets along great with our one year old boxer/lab rescue– they’re best buds. Dawson is currently outshining all of the other puppies in her puppy class– she knows sit, stand, down, sit-stay, down-stay, wait (at a door before entering), and leave it…. And she’s learning more by the day! She even figured out how to roll the windows down in the back of my Jeep. She frequently uses that little trick at drive-thrus and when people are outside of the car, and she always gets a good laugh when they see her wrinkly face unexpectedly pop out of the window. 
        We could not be happier with her disposition, and much of the credit goes to Barbara for ensuring her early socialization needs were met. We constantly get compliments from people she meets, her doggie daycare staff, and her trainer. The vet techs at our veterinarian’s office commented that she was the best looking shar pei they had ever seen! We highly recommend Beaux-Art!!!! 
Brittney and Todd– Charlotte, NC



Just wanted to say hello and update you on Bruno. He is doing amazing we are in love with him! We get stopped every where we go. He’s just beautiful!! Here are some pics of Bruno. So you can get to see him grow as well. Hope all is well. Thank you again!

Angelee Tirado